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From The Park....................To The Heart!!!!

This is the story of an innocent girl who was a wonderful singer too and a boy who was a football player. This boy loved photography and whenever he gets free time after his football practice sessions he used to find time for his passion.He was doing his final year mechanical engineering and was the star striker of the college football team.Their team has been tagged 'the best';winning many inter-college titles. On one fine evening he went to a park near to his college.He saw many children playing around here and there,he focused his camera to them.Suddenly a girl caught his camera's eye.He was bewitched by her alluring beauty.He clicked her picture;tons of pictures he has clicked till then but when he took her picture,not his camera lens but his heart captured that captivating moment.And the beautiful image of that girl was imprinted on his mind.He watched her for sometime.Four other girls accompanied her,may be her friends;he thought.He couldn't take hi
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The Escape

  A few days ago, I happened to know from a friend of mine that her friend is no more. When I asked her about the same,she said that her friend had anxiety issues and she was going through divorce process. But the last time they spoke she told they got back together and she had put up a picture. My friend was so sad that she couldn't check on her amidst her busy life. We will never know  what a person with depression might be going through. If we could once in a while have a conversation with our close ones, that will definitely help them out. Let's be there for each other when they need the most rather than regretting for the rest of our lives. Every life matters.   Darkness covers up like a cape, All I wish is to escape, The reality of life, piercing like a knife; To talk, or a walk; To shatter the silence; this emotional violence. Inside the cage, in pain and rage; all the days & nights, dealing with the inner fights. Confronting with countless doubts, about


You've given EVERYTHING! Yes! I mean everything.  Still I'm heartbroken. I know I'm selfish! But still I'm sad. You've done everything  That anyone can do, Still I'm not over this. Yes I know, I'm selfish. I remember the day  I saw you on T.V, for the very first time, from then every time,  You were on crease My heart skipped a beat! I remember all the SIXES I remember all the helicopter shots, I remember the way you smiled and how you took back a stump after every winning matches. I remember your insane wicket keeping skills, India was safe in your magical hands. I remember all the winning captain's speech you've made. I remember you taking all the blames for losing a match. I remember the number of haters you had, and how much I fought with them. Yes you've given everything, Still I can't control my tears, Yes I'm selfish. My childhood days had you in them, and teenage days were not different and even in my late 20's it's the sa


 A story is an echo of your soul and mind beyond your control; Every place has a story to tell, each part portrayed so well. Lend an ear to listen, and your eyes will glisten; When a story is played, differently it get conveyed. It's all about perspective, but in a way relative. Story is a creation, made with emotion; A space emanates memories, different ways, different stories, Stories of past, present and future; Everything imprinted in a picture.

The "MOTHER" You Forgot!

I've a story to tell, listen, it's yours as well. I'm the mother of many, but in real there weren't any. The mother of all generations, despite religion & discriminations. Them, so much I loved, yet they remained, unmoved. About me they never cared, I was all alone and scared. Still I never complained, my love never vaned. All I know is to give, what they needed to survive; I gave them every single thing, food, water, shelter; everything; gifted them beauty, art, sanity for I loved them beyond infinity. But they wanted more, exploited me to the core. And took everything from me, taken for granted when it's free. I gave them my heart, but all they knew was to hurt. With plastics they filled my lungs, more painful, as they are my sons! I tried in vain to breathe, choking underneath. Rising smoke burnt my skin, and they broke my bones within. Pierced my hands and feet, with axe and saw and repeat; Digged deep into my heart tearing my flesh apart. Wounds that never

To fly!

I want to fly, up in the sky; But I have no wings, and I've attached strings. I want to fly, up in the sky; where the bird sings, the autumn leaf swings, then floating in forest springs, the countless beautiful things, the joy, this insight brings, to which my soul clings. But I haven't got wings, In pain, my heart sings; I want to fly; up in the sky, to feel the cool breeze, to know the secrets of murmuring trees; to fly over the crystal blue seas, But I've no wings for all these. I want to fly, up in the sky, to see the one in need, for I'll fly down & feed. To know the fake & real to the world I'll reveal. But I haven't got wings , And have no magic rings. If I could fly, up in the sky I'll reach high, above the stars in the sky. I would rather try, But I've no wings to fly. I want to fly, up in the sky; to sail in the space and explore every place. I'd fly day & night like a wandering kite, with

Let's not CHANGE!

The  poem " Let's not change", is something that came to my mind during the days of lockdown where I have tried to potray the positive side of those days. I know it's a very difficult phase of life that we are going through, but  this too shall pass. Let's try to find the brighter side of this and move on and that's the whole idea of "Let's not change". Let's not change for the good!!! I'm a daughter. who does not care. I'm someone's wife, in the busy stream of life. And I'm a mother more than any other. But I never had time; my life was like a mime. I cooked the breakfast, ran to the office fast. My child was still asleep, I had no promises to keep. My husband is always busy, who says with money life's easy. Together we stay, but a million miles away. We didn't talk; or take an evening walk. My kid wanted me to play, I would say, the next day. Filled with tears, she ran away, But not

A Toast To My Best Friend❤️

To my best friend, I don't know what to say about you. Right now I'm at loss for words to express what you are for me. You are my friend.No! You are my best friend.No! You are my sister. No! You are my soulmate. No! You are my bestest soul sister-friend!! Yes! You are nothing but everything to me. Do you remember someone asked us long before ' how long we've known each other'? Wait. Back in 2011 on the day of our B-Tech admission, we met for the first time. In fact I met you! I've noticed you while standing in the long queue waiting for our turn for certificate verification or something. I don't know why! May be you were so pleasant and bubbly as always and had your signature smile; in between thousands of tensed faces. To my surprise, even my parents noticed you but that's coz you and my cousin sister (Cynthiachi) look alike. Then my fate or what 😝 we were in same class. After our first day in college, at hostel during the attenda

Dear B-Arch 14❤️

Dear B-Arch 14❤️ I feel lucky for being able to teach all the batches of DC except B-Arch 14 !  But I would say I'm very much unlucky coz I've not taught "The B-Arch 14". Still I'm fortunate enough to meet you people, know y'all and be a part of your life in DC. Though I've not taken any subjects for you, I've always felt your love & respect for me as a teacher. Whenever I talk to any one of you ,all I get is a good and positive vibe. When I joined here in February 2018, you guys were doing your internship . And  I've heard a lot about y'all, from your faculties, your juniors especially B-Arch 15. I get to hear all the old stories like how both the batches were there for each other and became a family. Then I met B-Arch 14! The vibrant, the brilliant, the united batch. If I remember, it was on the day of your internal exam that I got to meet all of you together. I was your invigilator for 2 subjects. Even in betw

The Safe Hands!

When I cried for the first time, You made me laugh. When I felt cold, You held my feet in your palms. When I took my first step, Your hands held my fingers. When I fell down, You held me up. When I couldn't sleep, You told me the best bedtime stories. When I asked you tons of queries, You replied me with so much patience. When I was afraid, You hugged me tight. And you watched me grow! All my life, You stood by me!! When I asked , you gave me,; When I didn't ask, you gave me. You gave me everything! And you gave me the best. Once I asked you, "How much daddy? Is it sky high?" Now I tell you, I love you sky-high!!!

Now & Forever💘

At the very first sight, Some connection I felt; Happy that I found you I felt like I've known you My whole life & forever. 💖 Never the same again Ever since I met you & Having you is a blessing, And the best thing in my life! Again I tell you the zillionth time, Nothing makes me happier than, Just being with you, And this feeling can Never be replaced by Anything else on this earth. 💖 Very moment I saw you, I knew you were the one. Still I believe the same & Hope it will always be, No matter what. Unless I die!       Just your glance everytime, And I will fall for you all over again, Imprisoned by your love, I am; May it be eternal & beyond. Just a matter of time & I know our love is growing, Stronger & deeper every day Here we are, still the same. And will grow old together. 💞 Best days of our love, If I could resume; Verily I would say, I wish to do it all over again & Never want to pause. May the yea