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From The Park....................To The Heart!!!!

This is the story of an innocent girl who was a wonderful singer too and a boy who was a football player. This boy loved photography and whenever he gets free time after his football practice sessions he used to find time for his passion.He was doing his final year mechanical engineering and was the star striker of the college football team.Their team has been tagged 'the best';winning many inter-college titles.

On one fine evening he went to a park near to his college.He saw many children playing around here and there,he focused his camera to them.Suddenly a girl caught his camera's eye.He was bewitched by her alluring beauty.He clicked her picture;tons of pictures he has clicked till then but when he took her picture,not his camera lens but his heart captured that captivating moment.And the beautiful image of that girl was imprinted on his mind.He watched her for sometime.Four other girls accompanied her,may be her friends;he thought.He couldn't take his eyes from her.…

The Safe Hands!

When I cried for the first time,
You made me laugh.
When I felt cold,
You held my feet in your palms.
When I took my first step,
Your hands held my fingers.
When I fell down,
You held me up.
When I couldn't sleep,
You told me the best bedtime stories.
When I asked you tons of queries,
You replied me with so much patience.
When I was afraid,
You hugged me tight.
And you watched me grow!
All my life,
You stood by me!!
When I asked , you gave me,;
When I didn't ask, you gave me.
You gave me everything!
Once I asked you,
"How much daddy? Is it sky high?"
Now I tell you,
I love you sky-high!!!

Now & Forever💘

At the very first sight,
Some connection I felt;
Happy that I found you
I felt like I've known you
My whole life & forever.
Never the same again
Ever since I met you &
Having you is a blessing,
And the best thing in my life!

Again I tell you the zillionth time,
Nothing makes me happier than,
Just being with you,
And this feeling can
Never be replaced by
Anything else on this earth.

Very moment I saw you,
I knew you were the one.
Still I believe the same &
Hope it will always be,
No matter what.
Unless I die!

Just your glance everytime,
And I will fall for you all over again,
Imprisoned by your love, I am;
May it be eternal & beyond.

Just a matter of time &
I know our love is growing,
Stronger & deeper every day
Here we are, still the same.
And will grow old together.
Best days of our love,
If I could resume;
Verily I would say,
I wish to do it all over again &
Never want to pause.

May the years ahead,
And the coming better days,
Radiate intens…

Confessions Of A Secret Diary!


It's been a while since you spoke to me. I know you are busy with your life, but I really really miss you. I terribly miss those countless nights you spent talking to me. It was a part of your everyday. What happened to you all of a sudden?

I love the way you touch and feel me with your fingers. You made me wet with your tears and wiped them with your hand. You shared all your feelings with me. Your happiness, your low moments, your secret crushes, breakups, confessions, everything.You told me that I'm your best friend.I promised to be your secret keeper. I'm the only person who knows all your top secrets. I know you better than anyone else in this whole world. When you were having a bad day you always ran to me. I was there beside you when you fall asleep. I was there next to you when you woke up. I know all your flaws and I know you are not perfect. Because I have seen your weaker side. But you are beautiful and perfect for me. I'm the only one who knows how…


The process of healing is different for each person. For some it takes time to heal, for others it may not.  Even when we feel so lost, there's a haven of hope for all of us. A place where we feel connected. A place where we feel free, to cry, to think, to talk, to walk, to read, to dream, to be alone. ' The place to heal'. The place to find happiness. All we need is to find a healing place to get inner peace. It can be anything that you wish. Woods, beach, mountains, garden, sacred places etc. It can be something which calms your mind.

I know this place in Vagamon, nearby my college, where we often go for our evening walks. One of my friends named it "the healing rock". She claims that it has got the power to heal. Though I felt funny at first, the frequent visits to this place made me believe the same. It rejuvenates me in a mystical way. The cool breeze, the tranquility, the fresh air, the sunset, the slowly moving clouds, the greenery, the mountains,everythi…


She groaned in pain,
Covered with blood stain;
Why should I care?
It's just her.

She was so hurt
Sore trampled in dirt,
Why do I bother?
It's just her.

Bruises all over her skin,
Torn her deep within,
But silence, I perfer;
For it's just her.

Naked on the floor,she lay
All her hopes, taken away.
Why should I sway?
That's her and no way!

Scars on her deeper parts may heal,
Deep in her soul,how does she feel?
Still why should I feel?
It's her, no big deal.

Dark and scary past may torture,
And make her forget the future.
To me it doesn't matter,
She's not my daughter.

All I do is pity her,
As I don't see me there,
And let it be,
Coz it's not me.

For I am Your Teacher........

If I can give you my hand,
To make you stand;
When you fall down,
So much of happiness I own.

If I can be a part,
To give you a pristine start,
And could pave the way,
That would make my day.

Can I be your inspiration?
Or will I be your motivation?
Don't know if I could be,
But I'll be there when you need me.

Take me as a friend,
For you until the end.
I am here, just feel free,
Through your tears I'll help you see.

If I could touch your heart,
All the good I would impart,
Let me illuminate your soul;
That completes my whole.

I'll teach you the lessons of life,
To help you deal with strife,
And may you have a bright future.
For you know, I am your teacher. 

The Shade........!!!

Under the tree, I sat. I feel so hopeless, lost and shattered. I wish to get vanished from this sick world, if I could. Life is squeezing me so hard that I couldn't get out of it. Once I had so many people whom I thought, would stay with me for long. But now!!! I feel, I am all alone. What's actually happening to me? What's going through my mind? I really can't figure it out, I am stuck and clueless.

Nothing makes any sense to me right now. I could feel the changes. Is this changing phase of life affecting me so much? The transition zone from an immature student to a responsible employee! The sudden switch from a carefree lifestyle to an organised one! The work pressure, tensions, responsibilities......!!! May be...or may be not!

I felt so weak and rested my head against the tree. I could feel the tender feather touch of leaves on me, as it shed it's leaves. Was it trying to console me? Or rather trying to talk to me? I tried to listen. I was literally aching to h…